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We have some great Queensland tours, just browse in each region that is listed. If you find a tour do please make contact and we will be able to help out. There are many other tours that might not be listed and will suit you.

  • Gold Coast tours

    The Gold Coast is south of Brisbane. One of its main centres is Surfers Paradise and it lives up to its name. The hinterland has some of the most stunning rainforests with graded walking tracks, wonderful birdlife and natural rock pools for a dip.

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  • Brisbane tours

    Brisbane is the capital. It's a big city with all the usual shops, hotels and hostels. It’s got a bridge to climb and the views from the Storey Bridge over Brisbane are spectacular.

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  • Sunshine Coast tours

    The Sunshine Coast is about an hour’s drive north of Brisbane. Here you’ll discover some 100 kilometres of dazzling beaches. You can swim in sheltered bays, rivers or the ocean.

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  • Fraser Island tours

    A must for most backpackers to visit the largest sand island in the world. Best done on a group tour as hard to manage on your own.

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  • Bundaberg tours

    Bundaberg is halfway up the Queensland coast and the start of the Great Barrier Reef. Lady Musgrave Island and 1770 are favourite destinations.

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  • Capricorn Coast tours

    Rockhampton is the big city in this area and Great Keppel Island the popular backpacker island.

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  • Whitsundays tours

    Lots of islands to explore and sailing trips ot be had. Airlie Beach is the mainland base for the Whitsundays and has a very active backpacking scene.

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  • Townsville tours

    Townsville is the main city in the north of Queensland and a base for some Great Barrier Reef tours.

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  • Cairns and far north QLD

    The Great Barrier Reef has been called one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s big. Nearly 3000 reefs and almost 1000 islands stretching nearly 3000 kilometres off the Queensland coast.

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This state has some catchy slogans. It’s called the Sunshine State where in mid-winter temperatures are around 25C. And then there’s “Ah Queensland, be autiful one day, perfect the next”. I think you get the picture. Queensland can lay claim to being the holiday state as well with enough tourism brochures to sink a yacht.

Now all the spots mentioned have been on the coast or pretty close to the sea. But Queensland has so much to see and do inland. Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, Kingaroy for peanuts and the Qantas Museum at Longreach are just three well-worth-seeing areas in this sunny, tropical state.

Queensland is Australia's second largest state, covering 1,722,000 km2 and the third most populous.. The total coastline is 7,400 km and just in the Mackay Region alone you will find 31 beaches. Access to Queensland from overseas is via Cairns in the north of Queensland and in the south of Queensland via Brisbane. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and a good place to find work or as a starting base. Brisbane is very close to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, two major coastal areas in Queensland, Australia.

So leave yourself plenty of time - You could spend time backpacking in Queensland for months on end and still not see it all. This state is not surprisingly named Australia's "sunshine state". Weather conditions can vary greatly between the coastal plain and the inland areas to the west so make certain to pack for the right season. Winters are warm and sunny with cool nights and summer much hotter and humid in tropical north Queensland.

We do suggest that you book your Queensland tours prior to arrival into the destination. To begin your Queensland adventure have a look at the locations to the left and view tours in those areas or use the search to find what you are looking for.Enjoy your Australia holiday in Queensland.

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