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Hobart and South East Tasmania tours

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania, the state of beauty, there is so much to do and so many fabulous sites to see. It is an excellent destination to visit for backpackers and shouldn't be missed; it is truly a beautiful location. Port Arthur is a former prison site where dozens pf buildings remain intact. The British used Australia as a dumping ground for their excess convicts and life at Port Arthur was no holiday camp. You can explore the site and take a boat cruise to the Isle of the Dead. The whole area reeks of history.

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Huon Valley tours

The Huon Valley with its green fertile land was home to the first Apple tree planted in Australia in 1788. Situated along the eastern side of the island the Huon River takes a steady path to the calm waters of the Channel D'entrecasteax.

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Central Highlands tours

Bordering this region to the east and north are the snow capped peaks of the highlands, known as the Great Western Tiers. Rising to over 1400m above sea level this mountain range houses magnificent high altitude lakes and its unique beauty attracts trekkers and climbers the world over.

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West Coast tours

Strahan is for those who want to see pristine rivers and dense magnificent forests. You can explore the fabulous region by plane, train or boat. The mighty Gordon River was once the battleground for conservationists and developers. The greenies won, the river flowed unhindered and you can enjoy its magnificent be auty.

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Far North West tours

This region covers the top left hand corner of Tasmania,  with moderateley populated coastal towns, farmlands, wildflowers, the birds and the bees.

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Devonport tours

Devonport is a low lying town that is nicely spread out along the Mersey River. A busy city, where you can visit art galleries and cultural centres or enjoy a quiet drink in the pub of your choice

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Launceston tours

Launceston, the northern capital of Tassie, is a Tasmanian-era town with many wonderful old buildings. Like Hobart you can walk the city and even stroll to some of its attractions. The Cataract Gorge is a natural wonder and is only a short walk from town. While you’re there, pop into the famous Boag brewery. A cruise on the Tamar River will show you much of Tasmania’s be autiful countryside.

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Tamar Valley tours

The quiet waters of the Tamar River wind for 58km through orchards, vineyards, wetlands and the dense rainforest that meets with the sea. Travel along the river where fairy penguins nest in the scrub and on a nearby island, fur seals breed.

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North East Tasmania tours

In terms of what to see this region covers a vast area. The Tasman Highway is a great touring route heading north from Hobart and winding its way along the entire east coast before heading west through this region to Launceston. Each town along the way has something unique to offer from saphires and cheeses to penguins and lavender farms

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King Island tours

King Island lies at the western entrance to Bass Straight, with flights available from Melbourne, Launceston, Devonport and Wynyard. An island of shallow offshore reefs and shipwrecks, you will see abalone divers and fishermen of all sorts and almost certainly catch a glimpse of fur seals from a colony on nearby Reid Rocks.

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Flinders Island tours

Flinders Island is one of dozens of off-shore land masses which once were part of mainland Australia. Flinders Island is perfect for those who like endless deserted beaches, bush walking, rock climbing and clean fresh air. You won’t find many cars, shops or nightclubs.

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A little more about Tasmania

Tasmania is unique. It’s small, an island and is sometimes even left off maps of Australia. But despite its size, Tasmania has some of the best holiday spots in the country. It’s known as the Island of Inspiration.

Tasmania is small, cool, easy to get around and green unlike the vast hot and dry interior of mainland Australia. And Tassie apples are simply the best.

Imagine touching wilderness and feeling your spirits stir. Imagine ancient middens on beaches, old sandstone cottages glowing in sunlight.

Linger in bustling villages where people stop to chat, where artists paint from the heart and artisans work with materials from the earth. Hear music in streets and concert halls, see plays in theatres and parks.

So many facets to one small island - so different from what you've seen before. Cycle out of town and find yourself in wilderness. Forests next to farms, lakes among mountains - nowhere is far away.

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