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Australia is a great country to explore. A general study done on users of a mobile phone UK provider (survey was done via SMS) puts Australia among the best countries in terms of tourism. Sometimes it is easy to do on your own and at other times the best way is to book on an Australia tour. Often that is cheaper and more fun. View the tours for each region and if interested ask for a quote from our specialised team and they will be able to help out and have been doing so for many years. Contact them now.

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Australia tours and activities are as varied as Australia is large. Take your time to plan and do your best to visit as many States as you cans .... they all offer something unique. Choose a state on the map to the left to get started. Each region will explain some brief information to help guide you. View the Australia tours in the regions below and ask our travel agent for a quote and help on what to do.

That's why at Backpacker Tours Australia is here. We aim to provide you (the backpacker) with enough information and free access to contact backpacker hostels and backpack tour companies directly or to use our travel agent or to book direct on line. The choice is yours. Please do browse and choose. We do suggest that you pre book your Australia tours as the popular ones fill up and the smaller ones need a minimum group size to run.

If you are not sure where to visit or what to do when your travelling around Australia feel free to contact our licensed travel agent to get more information and to book Australia tours and activities.

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