Electric Bicycles in Australia

When you're travelling around Australian towns and cities, often public transport can seem pretty disappointing when held against the standards in Europe and other parts of the world. Riding a bike is often the best choice when you can't or won't drive a car. Riding around Noosa in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, it's easy to notice that as fun as riding bicycles are in towns like Noosa, everything is so spread out and to really see the town in all its beauty, something with a bit more power is definitely required.


An electric bike can come in all shapes and sizes, and for this article the opportunity was given to try two models courtesy of Nomad Cycles. The first is a folding electric powered bike which fits neatly into a car boot. This is the kind of thing that's perfect for campervan users or people who are taking driving trips across different parts of Australia. The thing most striking about the bike is how lightweight it is. Having tried electric bikes in the past, they've always seemed to be monstrously heavy, but with new lithium battery technology they only weigh slightly more than a regular bike.


A good electric bike of this size will typically take someone more than 40km on a single charge, and a single charge costs about $0.05 when charging in Australia. This is impressive when you're travelling through a country with exceedingly high fuel prices, and it's easy to see why these bikes are becoming more popular. Sparing the environment and saving money certainly appeals to most people.


Using a full size electric bike makes for more of a true cycling experience. The model being tested is a large beach cruiser fully equipped with Shimano gears, a Velo seat, and all the works. Although larger than the folding bike, it's once again amazing how light ebikes have become. It also needs to be said that one of the best things about electric bikes these days is that they really just look like regular bicycles. In fact for better or worse it's unlikely that the locals would even realise you were using anything other than the pedals as you go zipping past them.


Electric bikes are growing in popularity and can now be found in some bike stores. The bicycles used in this article are from Nomad Cycles and can be found here.


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