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When you go backpacking Down Under, one major decision you will need to make concerns getting from A to B. And as Australia often has a lot of distance between A and B then how you travel can be hugely important. If your backpacking adventure takes place over many months, even a year, how you travel is not nearly as important if your Aussie adventure is to last only a few weeks. Do check out the search box below as it compares Australia campervans from different companies and a good safe place to book.

Buying and later selling or hiring a campervan is certainly a proven and popular way for backpackers to enjoy the Great South Land. A lot depends on your traveling companions if any. There are certainly a wide variety of options when it comes to campervans. Two and four berth vans are the most popular models.

Of course the obvious campervan hiring questions apply. Where would you pick up your van and where would you drop it off? What type of insurance do you need and what optional insurance cover is available? What facilities does the campervan offer? And most importantly, how much will it cost?

So once you set yourself a budget in hiring your campervan in Australia, the major questions are do you want a two or a four berth van, do you want a two wheel or a four wheel drive van and is there a loo onboard?

Oranges and lemons

It goes without saying that you must do your homework well before you head off into the wild blue Australian beyond. But make sure you compare like with like. There are many Australia campervan companies. Some will use phrases such as “We will not be beaten on price”. And certainly a backpacker's budget is a major concern. But in doing your homework make sure you fully understand exactly what you are getting for the price being offered. And what might seem like a really good deal could turn sour if you have to return the campervan to a place a long, long way from where you plan to finish your trip. Let the buyer or hirer beware.

One possibility, particularly for the novice user of camper vans, is to use a broker or middleman or woman. There are companies which, for a fee, will hunt for the best deal for your needs. Remember that like almost every other country in the world, Australia has what could be called a high and a low season. Prices for most tourist activities vary according to the time of year. If your budget is tight, when you travel could make all the difference. And if you’re trying to escape the cold Northern Hemisphere, remember the weather Down Under can be seriously different at that time of the year. Out of the freezer and into the fire, so to speak.

Remember too that while the companies hiring the vans will be keen to tell you how wonderful their equipment is and where you should go, talking to or reading reports from backpackers who have been there and done that can be extremely helpful. Fellow travelers who have had a great time or made some costly mistakes and who tell it like it is are worth their weight in campervans.


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