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Australia is a unique content with its typical flora and fauna, a land of vast deserts and rich forests, a land with a unique coastline, a land of unique people. In order to know the country and its people better it is best to travel at leisure, preferably backpacking if you can. Nothing gets you close to the land and the hearts of its people as walking and interacting with them at each place. Explore the Gold Coast in Queensland, Snowy Mountains in NSW, Yarra Valley in Victoria, the great outback in South Australia and the Heartland of Western Australia, taking your time at each place. It is easy to start off on one's own or have the services of a travel agency specifically devoted to catering to backpack travelers. A trip to Australia is also the jumping point to New Zealand and nearby islands like Fiji . It takes a while getting used to the Australian accent and enjoying the country. If you do not know English, your tour will not be as pleasurable due to communication issues.

That, however, need not be a deterrent to visiting and enjoying Australia. It is easy to find schools offering English course in Australia. Look for a language school that offers easy to follow courses in a structured way. It may not be practical or desirable to stay in one location until you have gained a degree of fluency. A practical way would be to take in a course at a beginner level in one location, complete it and then move on to another city and pick up the course while enjoying the sights and sounds. As one travels across the continent the language skill increases in a consistent way. If you pick ESL your task becomes easy and enjoyable. ESL has partner language schools across the entire continent following a uniform course structure, uniform class rooms, accredited methods of teaching and certified teachers. The approach here is to make the English course in Australia not only educational but also fun and entertaining. The learning method is interactive and practical. With plenty of spare time at their disposal, students practise language skills in leisure time with other students or out in the streets while exploring a city.

ESL Language Studies Abroad has partner schools offering a uniform English course in Australia, located in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin and Hobart to name the major locations. If you wish you can learn English in a teacher's home. The course is structured into various categories like beginners, intermediate and advanced with each category further split into various levels. Wouldn't it be fun to study up to one level in one city and then take up from where you left off in another city? The transition is seamless and the fun of learning keeps on rolling. An English course in Australia may be a precursor to your taking up serious studies or even a rewarding career opportunity here. Backpack while learning and then settle down to something more serious.

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