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austraia theme parks

Australia has plenty of interesting and varied theme parks but as the country is so vast, so the theme parks are often spread far and wide. Mind you some people argue that the best theme parks are in Queensland on the Gold Coast where you can find four hugely popular theme parks.

Mind you the question is what type of theme park appeals to you? If you're young or a backpacker with a youthful outlook then the Gold Coast theme parks of Sea World, Water World, Dream World and Wet and Wild might be just up your alley. These theme parks are close together and as three of them are owned by the same company, you can find special deals on entry to multiple theme parks.

On the other hand Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, has an unfortunate track record in providing theme parks with three having closed their doors in recent years. But Luna Park on Sydney Harbour is still alive and kicking.

Down south in Victoria and about an hour's drive from the capital city Melbourne is a theme park called Sovereign Hill. It's in the town of Ballarat. In the early days of the colony of Victoria gold was the reason growth in Australia took off. Ballarat was the centre of the diggings and also where the famous or infamous civil uprising took place between soldiers and the workers. The Eureka Stockade saw plenty of bloodshed and the flag of the long gone miners is still proudly raised by many workers today. Sovereign Hill is crammed with buildings made famous in the 1850s in the Gold Rush era. The buildings and streets of the era are populated by people dressed in period costumes and carrying on the activities of the day. With any luck you might even be arrested by an officer of the Crown!

In Western Australia on the other side of the country about halfway between Perth and Fremantle is a theme park called Adventure World. If you're into thrill seeker rides - there are more than thirty such dare devil activities at Perth - and lots of water adventures then you're obviously a backpacker who likes an adrenalin rush.

Pick ‘n mix

But because Australia is so big, your theme park adventures need to be carefully selected. If you’re enjoying the surfing lifestyle on the Gold Coast in Queensland, then you’re deep in theme park territory already. If you fancy a bit of history and culture, then somewhere like Sovereign Hill an hour out of Melbourne may take some planning.

If you’re a backpacker family, perhaps a tad unusual but certainly not unheard of, many of the theme parks with heart-stopping rides may suit your younger family members. There are family tickets to cater for the many groups who attend.

There are no such things as seasons with Aussie theme parks with most being open either all year round or closed on only a few special days. The usual deal is that the admission ticket is all you pay with the attractions inside being free. But as with all aspects of travel, it pays to plan well. Check out the attractions, prices and benefits of the theme parks and make the most of your time Down Under.

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