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Australia has many World Heritage Sites, and Fraser Island is one of them. Situated just off the coast of Queensland, Australia, Fraser Island is over 120 kilometers long, and boasts the world's largest sand island at almost two thousand square kilometers. Only a couple of hundred people have the privilege of calling Fraser Island home, but many tourists flock there every year to the Island to see the Dingos, Australia's only native wild dog that roams freely on the Island. It is also a very popular place for four wheel drive enthusiasts and campers, and not to mention the ancient Aboriginal rock carvings.

Fraser Island

Budget tour operators operate directly from the mainland, either at Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. There you can book backpacker camping trips, 4WD safaris, where all your camping equipment and food is also included. A professional guide will take care of you for the duration of your stay on the Island. Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay, the gateway to getting on the Island, also have many backpacker hostels where Fraser Island accommodation is cheap, and where you can book all kinds of tours to Fraser Island.

Any visitor to Fraser Island should also visit the wreck of the S.S. Maheno a former luxury passenger ship than ran aground in 1935.

Fraser Island is the largest all-sand island in the world located off the coast of southern Queensland just north of Brisbane. The island is well preserved in its natural beauty and boasts no real roads with only dirt tracks carved by four-wheel drive vehicles. With plenty of tour companies and opportunities to rent cars, backpackers can easily find a way to see the sights of the island.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island has seventy-five miles of beautiful beaches along the eastern coast where backpackers can spend the day relaxing in the sun. However, backpackers must be wary that they cannot swim in the ocean waters off of Fraser Island due to the presence of strong riptides and a large tiger shark population. Although this may appear to be a turn-off for the island, there are plenty of beautiful freshwater lakes throughout the interior of that are perfect for swimming.

Lake McKensie is a well-known and beloved spot for backpackers to take a dip after bushwalking or driving around the island during the day. The sand of the beach of Lake McKensie is composed almost completely of silica and can be used to clean silver jewelry as well as to exfoliate the skin. Fraser Island is not only the largest sand island in the world, but one of the most fun as well.

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