Grampians Travel Information

The Grampians National Park is located just over 200 kilometers west of Melbourne in the Australian State of Victoria. It is advisable to spend more than just a day at the Grampians to experience its sheer beauty.

So magnificent are the Grampians, that in the year 2006, they were added to the National Heritage List because of their outstanding beauty and being one of the most prolific Aboriginal rock carving sites in Australia.

Many people visit the Grampians just to see the Aboriginal rock carvings. The Grampians is one of backpackers favourite Victoria tours.

Grampians National Park

Apart from the Aboriginal rock carvings, the Grampians are well known and popular for their magnificent sandstone mountain ranges. Many backpackers visiting the Grampians base themselves at Halls Gap, which is the base for exploring the Grampians. At Halls Gap, there are several backpacker hostels or hotels that offer very reasonable rates. Not only is Halls Gap ideally located as a great starting point to explore the Grampians and the many surrounding trails, it is nestled between two magnificent mountain ranges that offer million dollar views. Many of the hostels offer free laundry facilities, BBQ areas and free use of camping equipment for those that want to go it alone and get off the beaten track by themselves.

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