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King Island is located in Bass Strait and is only accessible by a 50 min plane flight from either Tasmania or Victoria. King Island is known worldwide for its beef production and is also a great place for seafood and cheese. This is a very laid back community with very friendly locals and lots of wildlife close by including wallabies, possums and turkeys.

Surprisingly there is much to do here with island tours, fishing and diving cruises as well as visits to the King Island Dairy and the King island Museum. Here you'll find some of our favourite Tasmania tours. See Tasmania’s first commercial wind farm or take a tour of the Currie Lighthouse. A trip to Grassy Harbour will be worth it when you see the Little Penguins that feed here every day. You can watch these amazing little creatures by yourself or take a tour. It is wise to take note of several notices regarding the penguins as they are not to be handled, fed or interfered with in any way. Even cigarette smoke will put them on edge.

King Island

Beaches here are amazing. Unspoilt and rugged it is to be remembered that there are no lifeguards here and before swimming seek the advice of the locals. There are also many lagoons around the area. For the experienced surfer there are some great places to catch great waves and King Island is a fisherman’s paradise with good catches regularly recorded. Beachcombing is also a great way to spend some time.

King Island

For something other than water sports there is an aero club, golf course, fascinating bird watching with some great bushwalking trails to explore and the Calcified Forest off South Road will see you staring at the remains of ancient forests up to 7000 years old. The King Island Field naturalists meet monthly and welcome visitors.

Travel King Island

There are adequate accommodation facilities on the island according to taste and the locals can help you with all directions and point you to facilities and tours groups. King Island is an amazing place to see and spend some time.

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