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Some people have never heard of Uluru, but they have certainly heard of Ayers Rock. Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock, the world famous and internationally recognizable massive sandstone rock formation in the south of the Northern Territory in Australia. Uluru, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are probably three main landmarks that identify Australia to overseas visitors. The nearest largest town, Alice Springs, is not so close, at 335 kilometers away. There are however many little towns in between Alice Springs and Uluru that have inexpensive Central Northern Territory accommodation connected to their local pubs. These are also great places to get an ice cold beer and enjoy a great country cooked meal at a price that wont break the bank.


In the year 2000, Uluru was listed as a World Heritage Site, and since then visitors to Uluru have increased significantly, with nearly half a million people visiting every year. A nominal fee of AUD$25 is charged to those that want to visit Uluru. The pass is valid for three consecutive days, and the fee goes towards maintaining the park. There are certain part of Uluru that should not be climbed or photographed due to their Aboriginal spiritual significance. However, any visitors to Uluru will find more than enough information with regards to what is acceptable and what isn't. Uluru is one of the most famous and certainly most popular of our NT Tours

Uluru travel

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