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Planning on travel around the world or to other destinations from or before Australia. Learn about some great places to travel to around the world and find some great tips and tricks for budget travel around the world. Use the map below to select a region which you would like to learn more about. This is the lace for world travel information so please click on the travel map and explore the world.

Backpacking remains popular around the world and perhaps a little confusing as a term. Originally it meant those of us who travelled with a backpack and wanted to do so as cheaply as possible. Now we see backpackers wanting to travel cheap, but use a suitcase!

In the world travel section of Backpacker Tours the aim is to provide backpackers with the same level of backpacking information that we have become well known for in Australia. For each country our team have identified places to stay, those things to visit and tours and activities to take. And of course places to meet fellow travellers and share some fun times.

World travel

The traditional backpacking countries were those of South East Asia and countries like Thailand, Nepal and India have a significant backpacker market. These are often excellent stop over countries on the route to Australia and New Zealand,  the end of the road but an end worth going for. And Queenstown seems the final burst where if you have not tried a bungy before you will do it or even more crazy things that NZ offers.

Africa and South America are also now popular backpacker destinations but Africa particulary is more expensive and often hard to reach the main attractions and some of the National Parks. South America is expensive to travel around and distance are long. This is in contrast to the Asian countries where low cost airlines are very cheap, food also and accommodation easy to find. Backpackers are often now found in resorts in Phuket and not the cheaper hostels.

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USA and Europe are also big on backpacking and travel is fairly cheap with alternatives available from low cost airlines, trains and long distance buses. North America at the moment is good value with the very favourable exchange rates and many deals from accommodation and other providers.

So do explore our world section and learn all about backpacking around the world.

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